katrin murbach, born in 1984, studied scenographical design at the zurich university of the arts in switzerland and the estonian art academy in tallinn. at «raumlabor» in berlin she discovered her passion for building big things with simple tools and «droog design» in amsterdam taught her to look closely and be conceptually on point. she has researched the future of a village in the arctic, golf culture in south korea and high-rise buildings in the african metropolis of johannesburg. in addition to thinking and discussing, she loves to get things done and turn imaginary spaces into reality. katrin teaches workshops at various art schools and engages with free groups on socially relevant topics. she founded «ortreport» togehter with fabian jaggi.

fabian jaggi, born in gstaad in 1982, moved to zurich after completing his apprenticeship as a draughtsman. he graduated in 2009 from zurich university of the arts in scenographical design. he spent part of his studies in paris, at the école boulle. after graduating he moved to berlin where he worked for the collective of architects «raumlabor» for one year. in switzerland he worked for «jaggi & partner architects». in 2011 he founded «ortreport» with katrin murbach. they are specialised on site-specific research, interventions and happenings in different environments. they collaborate with theaters and public institutions constructing temporary spaces in public sites. fabian is currently teaching at the zurich university of the arts.